We are an IoT Solution Provider

ESE - Enterprise Software and Engineering Company Limited. 

   We are an IoT Technology Application Solution Provider to improve manufacturing and processing organization. By adopting MES, it helps to achieve this by tracking and gathering accurate real-time data on the complete production lifecycle, beginning with order release until the product delivery stage for finished goods.

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Welcome to ESE

Trends in Industry 4.0 (I4.0) are influencing the development of manufacturing execution systems. MES will play an important role in this age. This is not just about collecting and processing data in real time. In fact, MES will be the central information and data hub for production and all areas involved throughout the company. In addition to established ERP systems, MES form the bridge to the increasingly complex shop floor. An MES allows production companies to remain responsive and thereby maintain their long-term competitiveness.


ESE - Enterprise Software and Engineering 

Benefits of a manufacturing execution system

An MES is often integrated with ERP, supply chain management, product lifecycle management and other key IT systems. A key benefit of using an MES includes:

> Increased customer satisfaction

> Improved regulatory compliance

> Better agility and time to market

> Improved supply chain visibility

> Reduced manufacturing cycle time

> Elimination of paperwork and manual data-entry processes

> Reduced order lead time

> Lower labor costs

> Reduced WIP inventory

> Increased machine utilization.

Our Services

Electrical Design

Design of electrical systems and  electronic circuits. Design of energy-saving systems and the environment. Microcontroller (ATMEL, MICROCHIP).

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SCADA Design

Design and develop SCADA systems.
Automatic production line design.
Automation (PLC, HMI, SCADA, Robot, Motor Drive). 

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Organization Design

The Traceability System/Shop-floor Control, SPC:X-Bar/R-Chart, Temp. & Humid monitoring, Electronics Document.

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